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   The Most versatile SUP Fitness Board

Mini-fit SUP is the best fitness SUP board. His many added features allow it to be used both outside and in the pool. It fits into a single swimming lane.

Compact & Stable

• Greater group capacity / taking less pool space
• 7 feet long, it fits into a single swimming lane
• 35 inches wide and 6 inches thick

Unique Never Seen Features

• Oval shape for realistic feeling
• Kickers for support & safety
• Elastic design that truly holds water bottle in place

Durable Construction

• Reinforced double layer PVC walls
• 19 PSI pressure test for a better rigidity
• High quality drop stitch material

Here are the unique features of the  Mini-Fit SUP Board

1. D-Rings front and back: For added possibilities to tie down your board. Easy to reach. Great for fitness and yoga classes or to tie your leash.

2. Front elastic for your water bottle:  Who says fitness, says sweat, which screams hydration!

3. Front upper handles for support when working out the core.  Also, to hook resistance bands for multiple added upper and lower body exercices.

4. 4 D-rings on the sides for various tie down possibilities, as well as, for shoulder belt to carry with ease on one shoulder. Also, possible to take one end of the shoulder belt and tie it across to secure items as you paddle outdoors.

5. Universal US fin box with the possibility to add a fin so you can take your board outside and paddle in nature leisurely or as an added workout.  The only fit mat that offers this option.

6. Central handle and central line: Easy to cue alignment for instructions. Both the handle and the line indicate the precise center of the board in every direction. Easy way to carry the board. 

7. Kickers: For support confidence and safety.

The only 7-foot board that enters a single swimming lane


  • Anchoring the Board
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  • Falling Tips
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