How many MiniFit fits in my pool?

In a standard pool (25 meter with 6 swimming corridors of 7 ft wide), you would technically be able to fit 10 MiniFits per swimming corridor x 4 corridors (as you don’t want any one in the first and last corridor for safety reason. This means 40 MiniFit in one pool. Of course this would be a bit much, but if you have half of this, you end up with 20 participants and it still leaves you with half of your pool to have swimming lanes open to swimmers or for another group class. You could also only have a class of 10 participants and still have most of your pool open for your other activities. The beauty of the Mini-Fit SUP, it fits into one swimming corridor, which brings you freedom and more possibilities!

Minifit Storage

Easy to store standing with a secure rope. You will only need 2 walls with a space of 3 feet wide by 6 to 12 feet depending on how many boards you have.
More information on how to store the boards

Minifit Training Program

1 day training that will give you the tools to start strong right from the get go.  Avoid mistakes that we went through before we grew from them.  Make your classes fun, diversified and keep attendance and returning customers high. 

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  • Anchoring the Board
  • Recommended Distances & Depth
  • Falling Tips
  • Getting Back on the Board


  • Product Care
  • Proper Storage
  • How to Move the Board Around


  • Customer Service
  • Product Warranty


  • What is the Training About?
  • Cost & What's Included in the Training?
  • What will I Learn?
  • What are the Prerequisites?
  • Who Should Take this Training?
  • Who Will Teach the Training?


  • Minifit Mat Stand Alone
  • Minifit Hybrid Paddle Package
  • From Minifit Mat to Hybrid
  • How many Minifit Fits in my Pool?
  • How much storage space?
  • Minifit Training


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